About Us

We are tailors who inspired by Guy Ritchie's film "The Gentlemen". We decided to create a similar suit and share this style to others. We are sure you will enjoy it👌🏻

These tartan tracksuits are our original design flawlessly handmade in our Ukraine design studio. If you a fan of the tracksuits "The Gentlemen", you will absolutely love these designer tracksuits.

We pay great attention to tailoring and use only high-quality fabric and accessories so that the suit is durable and lasts a long time. We can only sew 150-250 tracksuits of each design because we use premium fabric, which is produced in low volumes.

You will truly get a unique product that you will not see on anyone else!

Our office is located at following address: Ukraine, Kiyv, Igorivska str, 13/5.
You can contact us by our phone number: +380662413425 and email: support@themrtailor.com